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Helping Personal 

Mental Health Growth

Facilitating The Link Between Mental Health & Happiness 

BACP Accredited Counselling

Providing Integrated Counselling to meet your specific needs 

including techniques used by "the Speakmans"

PTSD and trauma treatment using the REWIND technique

Counselling and Coaching

A combination of both skills bespoke to your specific requirements 

Life Coaching

Coaching skills to become the best version of yourself including techniques used by Paul McKenna


"Change your thoughts and you can change 

your lif​e"


Feedback from Clients 

Having my regular sessions with Tina have honestly been life changing. It is something I really wish I had decided to do a long time ago. They have allowed me to process some things in my life that have been weighing on me for a very long time. I have noticed big changes in myself and how I handle daily life and my emotions. Tina is kind and so great at listening and understanding what is troubling me and working through those troubles. Thank you so much”

"When I came to Tina I was suffering really badly with anxiety after a build up of a few different things in my life, I was at a really low point.

It is now a few months later and I am in a really good place, I am off to uni and excited about my future and all that is ahead of me.

I genuinely don't think I could have got to the place I am now without Tina's support and guidance! “

"I'm looking more positively at my situation and seeing things from a different perspective"

"This has changed my life for the better"

"I worked with Tina to discuss issues from both my past and present. Her non-judgmental approach meant that with time I was able to open up to her and resolve issues that I have struggled with alone for many years. Tina has been patient and helped me change, even when I have grown frustrated with myself and my mind. Tina is able to subtly combine her expertise about the mind with understanding and compassion to help you resolve your problems no matter how big or small. I always leave every session feeling lighter, with a new perspective, and with practical ideas about changes I can make. Tina has taught me how to process my thoughts, feelings and experiences in a way which is resilient, realistic, positive and compassionate towards myself and others. This mindset has changed my life, as I have not only recovered from depression but I also have the confidence to be the person I want to be and have the skills to lead a happy, successful life." 

“the support you have given me during the numerous counselling seasons we had has been a major factor in being able to pull myself out of my depressive after the loss of my wife. Your approach was liberating, you compassion was comforting and I would advocate to anyone to use your services knowing the good you can do. Thank you for everything you have done for me”


for PTSD

 (following one session) fro​m a client suffering from unwanted thoughts and flashbacks:

"It worked so well I forgot about the trauma. When I subsequently had to speak to my GP about it I felt detached from the feelings about it"

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